How I have coped with lockdown

I’m not going to lie, the last 5 (nearly 6) weeks have been pretty tough. Lockdown has been a massive challenge with a whole range of emotions. As a creature of habit and routine, the lack of both has been difficult. Then there’s been the guilt of not being able to contribute financially and the strain of everybody being on top of each other all day every day. Not to forget the fear of watching the daily death toll rise catastrophically and the stress of trying to be a teacher as well as a mum and wife. Oh, then there is the anxiety and depression (unrelated to Covid 19) to contend with. I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough but minus a few meltdowns along the way, I’m coping so far.

So how have I made it this far?

I let go of the guilt

Let’s be honest, it’s not my fault that we have been plagued by the Coronavirus outbreak, nor is it my fault that the governments job retention scheme (even with its new changes) penalises people in new jobs. I can’t change it so let it go.

I stopped trying to be a teacher and focussed on being a mum

Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard enough just being a parent without the drama of trying to be a teacher too. These are very strange times and it’s stressful enough for children not seeing their friends and not maintaining the normal school routines. Focus on getting through lockdown as stress free as possible with your family, the teachers will pick up where they left off when the schools reopen.

I found something to focus on and have kept myself busy

Keeping busy has stopped my mind from wandering so much. I have focused on starting this blog and I’m in the process of doing an online mindfulness course. Both of these have given me something positive and constructive to focus on in these difficult times and will most definitely continue beyond lockdown.

Taking time for myself

This was something I lacked before lockdown but has become massively important and is definitely something that will continue after lockdown. Spending so much time with the same set of people is hard, no matter how much you love them. So I make sure I take a bit of time out every day to read a book, watch a webinar or take a bath. Just a bit of uninterrupted time for me.

How have you coped so far? What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them? Feel free to leave me a comment with your answer.


  1. Gratitude is the way I’ve coped. I know it may sound cliche but daily I learn to be grateful for the little things. Little things like the freedom of movement I had before the lockdown. This season shall pass and we shall all rise again.

    1. Hey Kehinde. Gratitude is most definitely a good habit to get into, not just during lockdown. I am grateful for the opportunities lockdown has given me – the opportunity to reconnect with my family and spend quality time with them as well as focussing on my journey.

  2. My biggest challenge has been working with no childcare. I have also tried to be a teacher but my son doesn’t take me seriously 😂 so definitely bring a mum!! Great thoughts and thanks so much for sharing. 💖

    1. I have a son like that too! Although he just isn’t really interested in anything at all so doesn’t take education seriously full stop!

  3. Yes, I definitely agree with what you wrote. I am trying to do some creative things to make me happy, while still being a mom, teacher, cook, cleaner, wife etc.

    1. It’s not easy to juggle it all is it? That’s why I chose the most important bits and stopped stressing over the rest. Made time for me and found something for me to focus on. It’s not been easy but I have coped so far

  4. Well done for taking some positive action by looking after yourself, being mindful and setting up this blog. Welcome to the world of blogging, lovely lady. I hope it brings you lots of joy. Xx

    1. Thank you Anita. It’s been a tough few weeks but focussing on myself and the blog have really helped me through it

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